[Abib] Collagen Gel Mask Sedum Jelly (1ea)


This vegan collagen face mask, approved by V-LABEL in Italy, has skin-lightening and elasticity effects.
Conducting the (outer) skin elasticity test and skin tone improvement test, it is shown that there was a 14.11% improvement in outer skin elasticity and a 2.92% improvement in skin tone, further proving the product’s effects.
It has passed the skin primary irritation test and the sensitive skin primary irritation test, so those with sensitive skin can improve skin elasticity with no worries.

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How To Use

Apply the embossed side to the skin for better adhesion.
1 After washing and toning the face, remove the mask films on both sides.
2 Lay the product onto the face, starting centering on the mouth with the bottom half and then centering on the eyes with the top half.
3 Peel off mask after 20-30 minutes and gently pat the residue on the skin.
*This gel mask is made from solidified essence and has no supporters, therefore it may tear if pulled or in contact with sharp objects, such as fingernails.

Key Ingredients

Containing 10,005ppm of vegan Collagen Extract, created by fermenting yeast, it enables moisturized and elastic skin.
Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, a small molecule peptide, boosts collagen and improves skin texture to be smooth and firm.
Made by solidifying a thin layer of essence, the collagen jelly mask will not only provide moisture and a cooling sensation, but also help absorb effective components through the hydrogel sheet adhering seamlessly onto the face.
Can be used on sensitive skin, since no-mesh sheet eliminates the mesh support and minimizes skin stimulation.
The mask has an Abib-exclusive material that contains the moisture of Sedum sarmentosum, a plant that has enough moisture content to triumph over dryness and grow on rocks, which is cultivated in Jeju and extracted as high purity Hyaluronic acid.
It also contains Vitamin C, which brightens the skin and helps it become even clearer.


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