[by: OUR] Calamine Pink Mud Mask (3ea)


1. It provides deep moisture to dry, tight, dry skin, so even sensitive skin can be used without irritation throughout the four seasons.
2. Reliable and hypoallergenic natural ingredients found in nature: Taean Mud, Kaolin
3. Softer to the skin-to-skin sheet: 100% pure cotton gauze hole sheet
-oil-moisture balance & Soothes sensitive skin & Sebum Care & Smooth skin texture

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Suggested Use

1. After washing your face, trim the skin texture with toner, open the pouch and remove the transparent film on one side first.
2. After fitting the mask sheet to the skin, remove the remaining film paper from the other side.
3. After 20-30 minutes, when the mask dries with a feeling of tightening, remove it slowly from bottom to top and rinse with lukewarm water.
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