[CLIO] Chiffon Blur Tint (15 colours)


This lip tint can be layered to create various and unique color that is great to express a unique sentimend and mood of your own.
The creamy blurring texture is spread softly on lips and sits thin and smooth.

01 Peach Bebe color is a subtle peachy-nude color with a vintage sentiment, great for cool skin tones.
02 Coral Clay is a sunshine-warm gorgeous coral color great for warm skin tones.
03 Raspberry Burn is a tranquil deep red with a drop of raspberry, great for warm skin tones.
04 Allday Rose is a warm, soft, and deep rose color great for all skin tones.
05 Pink Fog is a cozy and sentimental pink that makes your heart fluffy, great for all skin tones.
06 Heart Point is a toned-down plump pink with a tinge of gray, great for cool skin tones.

07 Mauve For U
09 Namsan Peach Pink
10 Dawn Clouds Coral
11 Han River Brick Red
12 Cumulus Pink
13 Mild Milk Tea
14 Sweet Chocolate Smoothie
15 Cranberry Topping
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How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount to your lips.
Make sure to keep closed after use.

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01 Peach Bebe, 02 Coral Clay, 03 Raspberry Burn, 04 Allday Rose, 05 Pink Fog, 06 Heart Point, 07 Mauve For U , 08 Deep Milk Tea, 09 Namsan Peach Pink , 10 Dawn Clouds Coral , 11 Han River Brick Red , 12 Cumulus Pink , 13 Mild Milk Tea , 14 Sweet Chocolate Smoothie , 15 Cranberry Topping


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