[CLIO] Kill Cover Fixer Cushion (3 Colors) 15g+15g


*[CLIO] Kill Cover Fixer Cushion (+refill)
This product never smudges off, whether you’re wearing a mask, or whether the mask you’re wearing is damp! It’s strong against oil because it used oil cutting powder
The even powder spreads on the skin smoothly without clumping in one layer, like it’s your own skin
Covers the skin twice with a makeup barrier consisted of resin polymer and silicone polymer! It helps makeup last long without wearing off thanks to the dual close cover system!

Color Chart :
#02 Lingerie : Pink Beige, Recommended for cool tone
#03 Linen : Yellow Beige, Recommended for warm tone
#04 Ginger : Orange Beige

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Suggested Use

Get appropriate amount on puff and gently pat onto face following skin texture.


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02 Lingerie, 03 Linen, 04 Ginger


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