[heimish] All Clean Green Pore Toner Pad 75ea


-Removes impurites & dead skin cells and calming
-100% vegan certified pure cotton pad
-Hypoallergenic, low ph exfoliating care

New XL moisture toner pads for pore cleansing + moisturizing + skin balancing!

The bigger, the better! This vegan-certified pure cotton pad removes makeup residues and impurities in pores and restore oil and moisture balance.

✔ Clear pore, smooth texture with PHA – Hypoallergenic low-pH formula offers healthy skin while gently exfoliating.
✔ Your first skincare step should be mild – Silicone, Ethanol, Allergen-FREE. Low pH 5.5.
Contains Hordeum vulgare extract (a.k.a. Barley Extract), Witch Hazel to calm and balance your skin.
✔ Super large sized essence pads – Each pads contain 300g of ampoule essence and cover large areas including your face and neck.
✔ Dual care with double-sides – Embossed side is for daily exfoliation care and soft side is for moisturization and skin toning effect.

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Suggested Use

1. With the embossed side, gently wipe the entire face except for the eye areas.
2. Wipe the soft side of the pad to balance the texture




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