[Heimish] Moringa Ceramide Hyaluronic Hydrating Cream 50ml


✔️Moringa Ceramide + Micro Hyaluronic acid’s Synergistic Effect : Moisturize+Replenishment
It is formulated with micro hyaluronic acid which provide intense hydration for dry skin.
In addition, it contains eco moringa ceramide, the active ingredients that help increase the skin’s moisture and provide hydration protection.
✔️Intense gel-cream texture leaving silky finish without stickiness
Our intense hydration cream moisturizes the skin instantly with its soft and smooth texture. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving a silky finish without stickiness.
✔️Apply it all over the skin which needs hydration! (Multi-Moisturizer)
You can apply it all over the skin which feels dry or stripped.

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How To Use

Apply an appropriate amount on your palm and gently spread it over your skin to absorb it.


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