[Isntree] Puffy Face Fit Cooling Mask


Depuffing : Pear Fruit Extract 100,000ppm : The refreshing feeling of pear grown in Naju, which grows in and optimal condition, helps to depuff irritated skin caused by an external envrionment
Low-irritant Cooling Care : It cools down heated skin fast by hydrating and cooling care that doesn’t irritate the skin
Sooghint Care : Lipo Soothing Complex technology-Used a technology that encapsulates Centella Asiatica Extract and Ficus Caria Fruit Extract, which are excellent for calming the skin and carries it to the skin effectively.
Face fit design for dense adherence : The sheet mask is designed with ISNTREE’s one of a kind design for jaw line. You can grab the sheet mask by the sides with enough tension and you can adjust it for your face.

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Suggested Use

After washing face, apply toner and clean up the skin.
Unfold mask sheet and place it onto your face.
Grab the sheet maks by the sides and cover your face with enough tension.
Tip : It is more effective if stored in a refrigerator before using.



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