[Mise en scene] Perfect Serum Treatment Pack 330ml


1. Easy home care at home: Helps improve hair texture by intensively supplying nutrients to the surface of damaged hair due to frequent hair treatment and coating.
2. Subtle, long-lasting, modern fragrance: A luxury fragrance with a floral fragrance of jasmine rose added to the amber and patchouli base and the freshness of citrus.
3. Golden Moroccan Argan Oil: Contains golden argan tree kernel oil extracted from Moroccan argan fruit containing the vitality and rich nutrition of the argan tree to make hair healthier.

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Suggested Use

1. Apply a nutritious, soft cream-type treatment to your hands as needed.
2. After shampooing, apply to the entire hair except the scalp, especially the ends of the hair.
3. Massage with your hands and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after 2-3 minutes.


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