[Numbuzin] No.3 Pore & Makeup Cleansing Balm with Creen Tea and Charcoal 85g


Make-up cleansing with green tea and charcoal, as well as pore management!
A cleansing pack balm that cleanses makeup, improves blackheads, and even reduces the area of ​​pores. A pack balm that makes cleansing time easier without waiting or double cleansing. Green tea + charcoal for waste removal and pore management.
Cleans even heavy makeup at once. A formula with high cleansing power that removes blackheads, even thick makeup at once.
A fresh, moist, refreshing finish without the need for double cleansing without a slippery or stinky feeling.
One-touch cap for easy opening and closing. Use by inserting the spatula inside the lid.

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Suggested Use

1. Daily use : After applying an appropriate amount on a dry face, roll it over blackheads, areas with pore problems, and areas with thick makeup. Apply a little water and roll once more to emulsify, then rinse thoroughly.
2. Special care : If you want more special pore care, slightly increase the application amount, melt the formulation with body temperature, massage the troubled area intensively, and then rinse thoroughly. It is a product that allows you to feel the effects of the pack while cleansing, so you don’t have to wait by putting it on your skin separately.




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