[PURITO] Breeze Water Gel Cream


This lightweight gel cream moisturizer formulated with Eucoolan(K) and Glyceryl Glucoside delivers cooling benefits and hydration to overheated skin caused by sun exposure and external aggressors. Enriched with soothing synergy ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Allantoin, and Chamomile that assist in calming down flushed sensitive skin, this cream is an essential item on scorching hot days.

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Dive into the Cooling Sensation

It’s time to quench your skin’s thirst. This moisture-packed gel cream offers cooling relief to heated skin and replenishes its hydration levels. Packed with high-quality plant-derived ingredients, it glides smoothly and quickly seeps into the skin, allowing for a cool, refreshing finish with no sticky aftermath.


Apply on clean dry skin after serum during your day or night routine.
Spread evenly on the face and neck and other heated areas.

In PURITO, we strive to offer innovative and environmentally conscious solutions at every step of our product development process. We carefully assess and minimize our environmental footprint to fulfill our part in preserving the world’s ecosystems.

Recycled Paper Packaging

Made with 100% recycled pulp that has gone through the Elemental Chlorine-Free (ECF) bleaching process.


100% PCR Tube

Post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) are reprocessed plastics. Reprocessing existing plastic materials can reduce the amount of energy and fossil fuel used per unit of production, and help protect the environment from excessive pollution and waste of resources.

The color of the product may change due to its characteristics, this does not affect the quality of the product and the product can still be used with confidence.

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