[PYUNKANG YUL] Peeling Gel 100ml

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Excellent Moisturization & Exfloation
Moisturizing peeling gel gently exfoliates, revealing smoother, moisturized skin
1. In- depth moisture.
2. Gentle rolling.
3. Removal of impurities and dead skin cells.
4. Stronger skin barrier.Recommended for those whose:
– Skin is flaky and flawless makeup application is desired.
– Excessive production of sebum results in skin troubles.,/br> – Skin becomes red and stings after exfoliation.
– Skin becomes dry and whose dead skin cells build up.


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1. Squeeze a proper amount on your palm after toweling dry hair and washing face.
2. Spread it evenly, covering the entire face except around the eyes.
3. Massage it gently with your fingers into the skin in a circular motion, then rinse with warm water.


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