[Rom&nd] Juicy Lasting Tint 5.5g


Lip gloss + Lipstick + Lip tintin-one

A candy-coated gloss that intensifies over time

Clear and syrupy finish with vibrant and unique colors

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  1. Using the tip to apply softly from the inside part of your lips.
  2. Apply a suitable amount then pressing your lips together 2 – 3 times.

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#01 Juicy Oh!: Juicy orange shade, #02 Ruby Red: Grapefruite-like scarlet shade, #03 Summerscent: Well-ripened watermelon red, #05 Peach Me: Soft peach color, #06 Figfig: MLBB that never existed before, #07 Jujube: Moody MLBB, #08 Apple Brown: Bittersweet brick brown, #09 Litchi Coral: Dewy coral shade, #10 Nudy Peanut: Nude peanut shade, #11 Pink Pumpkin: Pure pumpkin MLBB, #12 Cherry Bomb: Bloody cherry shade, #13 Eat Dotori: Acorn-like brick red, #14 Berry Shot: Clear and fierce berry red, #15 Funky Melon: Funky light pink, #16 Corni Soda: Mysterious red, #17 Plum Coke: Deeper and darker red, #19 Almond Rose: Almond MLBB color with a hint of dried rose tone, #20 Dark Coconut: Brown red color perfect for daily to moody occasions, #21 Deep Sangria: Deep and captivating red, #22 – Pomelo Skin: An MLBB beige shade that's perfect for warm undertones, #23 – Nucadamia: A natural moody red brown, #24 – Peeling Angdoo: A warm-toned red that gives an energetic look


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