[SKIN1004] Madagascar Centella Tone Brightening Boosting Toner 210ml

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1. Awaken your skin with a gentle keratin boosting: a brightening boosting toner that removes old dead skin cells and adds moisture to your skin for clear skin.
2. Skin-friendly exfoliation SINGREEN: With papaya fruit extract, grape extract, apple extract, and plum extract, it replenishes the skin’s lack of moisture.
3. Slightly acidic pH for healthy skin: With the weakly acidic pH closest to healthy skin, it balances the damaged skin and makes the skin barrier firm.
4. Moist and transparent water type: Moist water type texture that does not blow off quickly penetrates the skin for a refreshing finish.

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Suggested Use

1. At the first step of skincare after face wash, pour the product onto cotton pad or hand.
2. Apply along the skin texture and gently tap to absorb.


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