[TOCOBO] Powder Cream Lip Balm (3 colors)


-Prescribing a high content of natural oil gives strong moisturizing power to dry and weak lips. Smooth and moist lips without exfoliating
-The velvet texture applies smoothly and has a lip primer effect on the outside of the skin
-It’s melted at the temperature of the lips, so it’s soft and layered, so it sticks lightly
-A calm but lively MLBB mood with a high-colored tinted lip balm
-100% vegan ingredient prescription, EWG GREEN, 20 cautionary ingredients excluded, unscented
#031.Rose Burn
#032.Rose Petal
#033.Carrot Cake

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How To Use

Apply as needed whenever your lips are dry or necessary.


Additional information


032 Rose Petal, 033 Carrot Cake, 031 Rose Burn


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