[TonyMoly] Fresh To Go Sheet Masks


Suggested Use
1. Apply mask on clean and towel dried face.
2. Keep mask on face for 10-20 minutes.
3. Remove mask and gently pat excess serum onto face and neck until fully absorbed.
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Mask sheet to experience the freshness of vegetables and fruits with your skin! It’s an ampoule type essence that soaks in gently, and you can use one pack a day without any pressure on your skin.

#Aloe: Moisturising
#Pineapple: Brightening
#Tomato: Vitality
#Cucumber: Calming
#Grape: Pore Care
#Avocado: Nourishing
#Coconut: Hydrating
#[NEW] Yuja: Shining
#[NEW] Pumpkin: Firming
#[NEW] Pomegranate : Brightening

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Aloe: Moisturising, Pineapple: Brightening, Tomato: Vitality, Cucumber: Calming, Grape: Pore Care, Avocado: Nourishing, Coconut: Hydrating, Yuja: Shining, Pumpkin: Firming, Pomegranate : Brightening


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