Dermaplaning / Defuzzing Razor (3 pack)


Dermplaning Razor pack.

3 Razors in each pack.

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Out of stock

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Directions for Use :

1.After cleansing, apply a lubricant/lotion/gel

2. Dip the blade in warm water.

3. Use short strokes at a 45 degree angle to trim fuzz and dead skin off. ( Hold your skin taught with your other hand)

4. Rinse the Blade after a few strokes

5. Repeat as required

6. Wash off and pat dry face

7. Clean and dry razor to prevent rusting


We highly recommend using a calming essence such as Mugwort or Tea tree after using this tool! (I’m from Mugwort Essence anyone?) Don’t do this too much, once a month is enough! Your skin is sensitive after doing this! So try to avoid the sun and always use sunscreen!


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