Exfoliating Glove V3 -April SPECIAL!

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100% Viscose Body Exfoliating Glove made of Natural Fibres. DO NOT USE ON FACE!

Remove dead skin and fake tan quickly and effectively!

Comes in three colours, Turquoise, Pink and Peach

Directions :

Shower for 5-10 minutes with warm water to soften the skin.

Without soap, step away from the water, put on the glove and gently scrub your skin.

Once you are done then wash the glove and hang to dry.

Long strokes and semi wet skin will make the dead skin to clump up more. Whilst this may give you a more satisfying result, you still will get exfoliation even if the dead skin doesn’t clump up. Results may vary for different skin types. Would not recommend do this more than twice a week.


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Peach, Lavender, Blue, Pink


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