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Indulge in rich relief.
Ideal for dry and distressed skin, the PURITO Oat-in Intense Cream. This deeply moisturizing cream delivers relief to parched skin all over the body with superior hydration. The PURITO Oat-in Intense Cream was inspired by minimalism from its limited packaging to ingredients list only 15 items long, reducing the possibility of skin irritation. Soak in this soothing salve-like solution to experience restoration and relief.

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A Rich Remedy to Reset & Relieve
An ideal reset for dry, distressed skin, the PURITO Oat-in Intense Cream is a deeply hydrating and gloriously calming moisturizer. The most recent addition to the popular Oat-in line, this cream joins the PURITO Oat-in Calming Gel Cream and PURITO Oat-in Silky Toner with super-soothing status. Suitable for both the face and body, this fast-absorbing, rich and creamy moisturizer makes quick work of dry spots, leaving skin satisfyingly smooth.
The Oat-in Intense Cream contains only 15 ingredients, 71.95% of which are oat-based. Our thoughtfully sourced oat ingredients helps to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin—providing long-lasting hydration. As the name suggests, this cream effectively restores dry and flaky skin with rich moisture. Tested on sensitive skin, the Oat-in Intense Cream is non-irritating.
Instead of more traditional boxed or shrink-wrapped packaging, this cream comes with an Arcopack paper tag detailing the ingredients, directions, and more. Its CR50 bottle also features embossed product details, to eliminate the need for a plastic label, and a metal-free pump. These intentional choices help to reduce the volume of raw material used in production and simplifies the recycling process.

Real Results

In a consumer survey, participants experienced long-lasting hydration and a reduction in dryness. The Oat-in Intense Cream also helped to calm pre-existing irritation and left skin feeling more nourished.

For Sensitive Skin


Apply an appropriate amount to the face, neck, and body as desired. Using your fingertips, massage the cream onto skin until fully absorbed.

At PURITO, we strive to offer innovative and environmentally conscious solutions. We are mindful of our ecological impact and carefully assess every step of our product development process to minimize our environmental footprint and contribute to a collective effort to preserve the world’s ecosystems.

Thoughtfully Sourced

Each ingredient is carefully selected based on a variety of factors, including certifications such as ECOCERT, COSMOS, and RSPO.


50% PCR Metal-free Pump

By eliminating the need to separate metal from plastic, the metal-free pump, which replaces traditional metal springs with 50% PCR plastic, simplifies the recycling process.

CR50 Bottle

CR50 is a material produced through chemical recycling, a process in which plastics are transformed into secondary materials without a reduction in quality. These label-less bottles are less demanding on the recycling process and extend the lifecycle of the raw materials used.

Arcopack Paper Tag

Used in place of a more substantial box, the bottle’s minimalist tag is made from paper processed without elemental chlorine. The material, approved and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), is also printed with soy-based ink, which simply separates from the paper, reducing demand on recycling programs.


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